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Electro mobility
Driving fun, cleanliness and innovation

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Converting your cherished car into an electric vehicle.

Being on the road in an electric car allows you to enjoy many advantages. Electro mobility gives you an incomparably smooth and quiet ride, guaranteeing an exceptional level of driving fun. It also helps protect the environment, because this climate-friendly way of getting around significantly reduces the emission of harmful substances and particulates on our roadways.

 Let us convert your cherished car into an electromobile – tailored entirely to your individual requirements. We can retrofit any vehicle, from a tractor to a Porsche. Our many years of experience and expertise in electric vehicle conversions, the pooling of experts and professional cooperation with manufacturers ensure that conversion takes place quickly and professionally.

 A special affinity for electric vehicles gives us an edge and is the reason why ecap represents driving fun, cleanliness and innovation. Our services are goal-oriented and well organised. Once we have developed an individual plan taking your particular needs and desires into account, we quickly get to work converting your car into an electric vehicle.